October = Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  It is a good time to review your online practices and tighten security where it may be needed.  Below are some tips you can easily implement to provide additional layers of security in your everyday web and social media usage:

  • Create strong passwords and vary them for different accounts
  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication (typically sends a text to your phone with a verification code to enter before being allowed to log in to account)
  • Know your social media privacy settings (be picky with what you share publicly)
  • When on open WiFi (no password required), avoid shopping and banking.  Open WiFi networks and the sites you visit are visible to others on the network.  In other words, if you enter your credit card online when on open WiFi, others are able to easily gather that credit card information.
  • NEVER call the phone number on your screen even if they claim there is an issue with your computer (even if they claim to be Microsoft – Microsoft doesn’t have time to monitor all the computers running their software.  AKA: it’s a scam!  And never allow them to remote into your computer or provide them a bank or credit card number for payment.)
  • ALWAYS call your local technology professionals if you are uncertain about a technology claim.  They can help guide you through what is a valid or invalid claim.