eCommerce – Which platform is best?

As the calendar ticks closer to Black Friday and Christmas, many of us are thinking about which holiday gifts can be purchased online and which gifts will require bundling up in cold-weather gear and heading to the store.  During this same time, many brick-and-mortar store owners are dreaming of the potential income they could rake in if they extended their store with an online presence – an e-commerce store.  But with all the options out there, which e-commerce platform is the best choice?

When I did my e-commerce platform research, I chose to go with Shopify for many reasons –

  • they are versatile
  • have multiple secure payment options (the most of any e-commerce platform I researched – the more options, the easier it is to purchase!  This means more SALES!)
  • low credit card fees
  • countless features (and more plugin features are being added on a regular basis)
  • have great customer support.


In addition to these positives, Shopify allows potential users a free two week trial to test out their platform.  I get that two weeks sounds like plenty of time to trial an e-commerce platform, but in reality, the “spare time” a store owner has in any given two week interval is minimal (and that’s not even including the incidentals that may pop up!).  This often means that either the trial time comes and goes without much exploration of the Shopify e-commerce platform or that the store owner gets very little of their e-commerce store built before they need to start paying the monthly fee.  Ugh!

Want to eliminate the monthly fee until you are ready to launch your money-making Shopify store?!

If you answered “Yes!” contact us at TechYes! and we will get you a totally free and unlimited Shopify trial account.  If you can build your dream Shopify e-commerce store in two weeks – fantastic; if you need 3 months – hey, let’s get you set up so you don’t have to pay the monthly Shopify fee until your site is making money!

(And if owning an e-commerce store is something you’re interested in but you’re either not fond of building it yourself or not sure where to start with building a Shopify store, TechYes! can help build the online presense that accurately reflects your brand in time for the 2019 holiday shopping season!  Contact TechYes! to learn more!)