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2020 Holiday Sales Trend

What was one of the biggest trends for holiday shopping in 2020?

Online shopping?  Yes, but there was a specific trending component for this online shopping: buy now, pay later options specifically interest-free payments spread out over several weeks.  Think: AfterPay, Sezzle, etc.

I’ve looked into several of these interest-free payment options and have come to recommend Sezzle to clients for various reasons:

  1. Customer service – I emailed a technical question and had a response within 4 – F.O.U.R – minutes!  If only ALL customer service was as prompt!
  2. Minnesota-based
  3. 4 installments, 6 weeks, 0% interest
  4. Soft credit checks to determine customer eligibility do NOT impact customer’s credit score
  5. Payment is made in full to merchant (sans fees) upon purchase and Sezzle collects the partial payments from the customer (once the purchase is made and Sezzle give the merchant the payment, the merchant is no longer involved in the process)
  6. If a customer misses a payment, Sezzle gives the customer a reminder to make the payment.  If the customer still does not pay, the customer’s Sezzle account is frozen until the balance is paid.  The customer is NOT taken to collections and merchant is NOT involved (this is not always the case with similar payment platforms)


Interested in trying Sezzle?  Reach out to me with questions!  Or research on your own at  Either way you can use my affiliate discount code (SZYBQPZ) to get the 6% transaction fee reduced to 5.5% for the duration of your relationship with Sezzle.  That half a percent will add up to big savings!

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