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What happens when you combine a boutique rebrand, the dream to launch an online store and a pandemic? You get 405Loft.com – a boutique and home décor store that not only believes each‌ ‌soul‌ ‌is‌ ‌beautiful‌ ‌and‌ ‌unique but makes everyone who enters feel like they truly are beautiful and unique!

With 405 Loft, we dove head first into creating a welcoming and easy-to-navigate online shopping environment for customers. To aid in customer friendliness, Sezzle** was added as a payment option (buy now, pay later with 0 risk to the merchant, 405 Loft). 405 Loft also opted to add local pickup and local delivery options during the website launch and through the thick of the pandemic. The ease of use and navigation of the Shopify* backend allows 405 Loft staff to continually change and update inventory as well as the homepage featured products, outfits, and photos with each season and trendy product release. Needless to say, customers have loved 405 Loft’s online presence and are continually validating the decision to launch the online store!

Check them out at: https://405loft.com/

** I do receive a small referral commission from Sezzle. However, using the Sezzle referral link or code (SZYBQPZ), you also benefit with a 0.5% reduction in transaction fees. Small savings add up quickly! **

* Interested in starting your own Shopify store? Contact me at brittany@techyesintegration.com and we’ll set you up with an unlimited FREE Shopify trial!…and continuous support for the duration of your Shopify site.

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